Shell Corp is a 1-8 local multiplayer, physics based, egg-centric, party game where you control, paint, and crack eggs! Using simple controls and wobbly eggs, play against your friends, or A.I, in a series frantic free-for-all and team based mini-games. Will you take home the Egg Cup?

Egg Customization and Unlockables!

You can create and paint your eggs right from the get go, but the more you play, the more customization options you can unlock. Featuring 50 unlockables including more paints, tie types, and voices to emote with, you'll be able to create the egg of your dreams!

7 Game Modes, 15 Maps!

  • Fight for survival in the Shell Smash and Shell Smash Squad modes!

  • Rush and roll towards the Finish line in Egg Scramble!

  • Jump through holes and gaps to stay ahead on the Corporate Conveyor!

  • Poach the fork from your opponent in Hold the Fork!

  • Roll away and don't get infected by the toasty hoard in Toasted!

  • Score a sizzling goal in Hatch Trick!

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